Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some live recordings...and gig news.

We had a bit of a root around in the old Time archives and unearthed a live recording from our first gig at Cafe Oto in Dalston. Upon listening back, a couple of tracks actually sound not too bad. Personally I loathe hearing live recordings of myself - I think I sound as flat as pancake and that I have sausages for fingers - but these two are relatively gaff free and come across pretty much as intended.

Time Oto (The Keep & Spirit of Sacrifice) by noise immemorial

There's a bit of background ambience - coughs, splutters, the tinkle of glass and the creaking of chairs, as well as the rather audible clicks of my guitar pedals being switched on and off (perhaps one of the few shortcomings in the otherwise brilliant EHX range) - but nothing too obtrusive. I'd like to add that I find Cafe Oto to be one of the most civilised venues in London town - great selection of drinks, plenty of seating, intelligent sound engineers and a generally very attentive and respectful clientele, not to mention being situated five minutes walk from a wealth of fantastic Turkish restaurants - the perfect place to play!

The two songs featured are 'The Keep' and 'Spirit of Sacrifice', neither of which have been recorded for a release yet although we hope to rectify that some point soon this year. HOPEFULLY WITH BETTER VOCALS.

Another thing - we have a gig on the 17th of March at the Miller in London Bridge with Closed Circuits and Imaginary Forces - our first of the new year. Come and get an earful!


  1. Sounds great.

    would really like to have seen this

    btw Frances you are hard to get a hold of! I have no contacts for you anymore.

    say hello to:

  2. James, I always forget to check our comments, I am so sorry I didn't see this! I'm gonna email you for sure, hope all is well with you. My email is still