Wednesday, 22 September 2010

21 October: TIME at Cafe Oto, London, with Lichens

Thanks to Miles of Smiles for putting us on the bill with Robert Lowe, aka Lichens, not least because I'd really like to see him play and this is a good way of doing so! Lichens played the Transmediale festival in 2009, which Mark and I were both at, but we missed him. I don't have an excuse for why, except that there were a lot of bands on. I found some footage of the Lichens set at Maria am Ostbahnhof, which has a great unearthly, captivating quality.

That's on 21 October, Cafe Oto, Ashwin St, Dalsburg, London E8. Also want to mention that Miles of Smiles have a really special event coming up on 30 October, with Shirley Collins presenting her talk on English folk music (which is awesome and makes people cry) and Alisdair Roberts and Trembling Bells playing tough and lovely folk-rock songs. Looking forward to that.

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