Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TIME + Amps For Christ + us doing a jazz odyssey

We have a few shows imminent this month. First up, the legendary Amps for Christ are making a rare appearance in London and we're supporting, on 17 April at The Grosvenor in South London.

Henry Barnes of Amps for Christ is someone we admire greatly, for his work with Man Is The Bastard and Bastard Noise as much as for the inspired synthesis of noise/drone/trad.arr that characterises Amps for Christ. It's an honour to be on the bill with him. He builds stuff. We like that.

Here's something to listen to that we just got our hands on. Last November, we were invited to join in with a group improvisation with artists from the Gravid Hands label as part of the Calling Out of Context festival at the ICA, and you can hear the results below. TIME and John Macedo (Queen Of Swords) were representing for analogue synthesis with Korg MS10, PAIA Fatman, and some Macedo modulars (and Max/MSP, OK so it wasn't all analogue), Tom Challenger and Tim Giles of Leverton Fox on sax and drums.

Cheers to Tom for mixing it, the ICA people for recording it, and Paul from Gravid Hands for matching us up.

TIME and Gravid Hands/ Calling out of context festival, ICA Nov 09 by noise immemorial

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