Sunday, 11 September 2011

TIME with Grumbling Fur, Christos Farranos and Raagnagrok

We're back in one of our favourite venues, St Mary's Church in Stoke Newington, on 23 September for a gig with Grumbling Fur, Christos Farranos and Raagnagrok. Facebook event here.

If you came here via the FB page, here are some of our tracks on Soundcloud.

TIME by noise immemorial

Sleeping dogs

As promised by Mark in the previous post, here are the dogs of Kadikoy.

This is kind of how we're feeling at the moment after a brilliant but tiring day in Wysing at the Past Present Future Space Time fest. I (Frances) also took part in a performance of Terry Riley's 'In C', which was pretty epic.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Turkey Report and other gig news...

So, we had a fantastic Time in Istanbul - the gig was good and noisy and we made friends with a street dog that lives on the road that the venue, Arkaoda, is on. He's called Pati which means 'paw' in Turkish, the reason being that his trick is to come up to you and lift his paw for you to shake it. The Istanbul folks have a interesting relationship with their street dogs, who are essentially hobos - the local council tags them, then the residents feed and shelter them and the dogs become the unofficial guardians of their chosen streets. They have been known to actively deter troublemakers from bothering local residents with quite explosive diplays of barking, hackles raised and teeth bared, yet are as warm and docile as any trained dog most of the time and seemed endowed with a very keen intuition with regards to who is a friend or foe, so to speak. We got some snaps of them which we'll upload soon hopefully.

On to other news, we've got two upcoming live events this September. This Saturday, we're playing at the Past Present Future: Space Time festival in Wysing, just outside Cambridge alongside choice acts such as Ashtray Navigations, Astral Social Club, Alexander Tucker, Devilman and many more. It's a very psychedelic affair.

Then on the 23rd September, we're playing once again in St Mary's Church on Stoke Newington Church St with Grumbling Fur (Alex Tucker and Dan O'Sullivan) headlining - I have a feeling this is going be a particularly smashing gig. We'll post a flyer when becomes available.

We'll be playing mostly new material with one or two old bangers chucked in for good measure - both sets will be bass/guitar/synth/vocals set-ups.